Thursday, 15 May 2008



Taking their name from a nihilistic, misandrous rant (SCUM Manifesto, by the late - and delightfully mad - Valerie Solanas, the woman who was jailed for the attempted murder of Andy Worhol), these eyeliner-caked, monochrome wierdsters are London's new kids on the block. Although S.C.U.M have only been together since the beginning of 2008, they've already received critical acclaim from reputable sources such as the NME and Faris Badwan (A.K.A. The Horrors' vocalist, Faris Rotter) and have appeared at inaugural and influential musical events such as the Camden Crawl. The band are also set to play support to XX Teens this month, and are hitting the stage this summer at Victoria Park's Underage Festival (though, admittedly, having the festival's organiser, Sam Kilcoyne, in your band never hurt on that score).
Notably, S.C.U.M are all still in their teens; an almost incredible fact considering the amount of respect and notoriety they have gained from their peers, the industry and music fans everywhere.
S.C.U.M's latest - and as yet untitled - release will be unveiled this Summer, so keep your ears to the ground.

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